During this time, please don’t forget your church?

These are scary times! We all know. Rest assured, during all of this, your church, First United Methodist Church is right there with you. First UMCSB will continue to support the congregation, their families, and the entire Scottsbluff community, as long as we are financially able. That is where you can help.

First UMCSB has made it easier than ever to support the missions, staff, and facilities while we are all practicing social distancing. Using Vanco Payment Solutions, there are now three easy ways to continue your online giving from the safety of your home. You can pay from your computer via a secure web portal, use the iOS and Android compatible Vanco Mobile apps, or make a donation simply by using text messaging.

First UMCSB is determined to be a leader in helping the community survive and thrive physically, fiscally, and most importantly, SPIRITUALLY! We can only do this if you continue to support us with your tithes and offerings.

Why we talk about money


Stewardship is directly linked to our journey of discipleship. How we use our resources is primarily a spiritual issue, not a financial one. The quality of that decision is determined by the spiritual condition of our heart.


Jesus spoke openly about money and possessions. About two-thirds of the parables and about one in every ten verses in the Gospels address this very issue. As followers of Jesus, we should not be reluctant to talk about giving as an outward expression of our love for Christ.


In stewardship campaigns, it can be tempting to approach the financial needs of the church as if we were simply funding the budget. In Taking the Next Step, we acknowledge that that living generously is an inseparable part of our following Christ. God does not need our money; rather, we need to give it as an act of gratitude and trust.


As we learn to trust God more and follow Christ’s teaching more faithfully, we learn to depend less on ourselves and more on God, relinquishing attitudes and habits that impede our relationship with God.



Additional Giving Learning

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