The Mission Outreach project for May is………
Potter’s Wheel Ministries

This entity was established in 1989. It is non-profit, non-denominational and non-government funded – existing solely by God’s grace and the generosity of the community.

Potter’s Wheel began as a jail/prison and sober living ministry offering men housing, accountability, group meetings and Bible study in order to transform their lives. This is still one of the main reasons they exist. They also minister in our community through a Food Pantry and Family Services. Their distribution center is home to a food pantry and houses the donations that supply goods for Family Services and the Thrift Store.

For May, please bring donations of canned goods and non-perishable food items to help restock their food pantry. All donations should be placed in the Outreach Bin in Fellowship Hall. Potter’s Wheel also accepts financial donations and volunteer help.



Donations may be placed in the Outreach bin in Fellowship Hall.